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Leadership & Faculty

GEMS World Academy Chicago teachers exemplify excellence in the classroom. Our educators recognize the importance of inspiring students, driving industry-changing innovation as well as enriching the communities in which they live and work. Our leadership and faculty hail from some of the finest institutions in our city and beyond, have deep expertise in teaching the IB program, and are, like our students, constantly learning, growing, and honing their craft.


Co-Heads of School

Cindy & Tracey



Cindy Rigling and Tracey Wood became Co-Heads of School effective June 1, 2021. Co-headship is a relatively new model within the education system, and it combines the experience, expertise, and personal and professional qualities of two excellent leaders. It allows two head teachers to share responsibilities, discuss problems and solutions, and share accountability in every area. Prior to the transition to a co-headship model, Cindy Rigling served as Head of Lower School and Tracey Wood served as Head of Upper School.

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GEMS Employment Opportunities

Join and grow with the school of the future. GEMS World Academy Chicago offers a unique career opportunity: a tight-knit group of professionals hailing from all corners of Chicago and beyond, and access to a team of over 20,000 outstanding educators worldwide.

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