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Preschool to Mariano’s Grocery Store

Students, as part of their unit on roles and responsibilities visited Mariano’s Grocery Store to inquire into the different roles and responsibilities the people in grocery stores have as well as what they needed for their classroom picnic.

Start Exploring

The Idea

The end goal was to have a classroom picnic for which each student had a specific role and responsibility. This helped students to understand how roles and responsibilities change in different places and at different ages.


The Preparation

Many classroom discussion on what it means to have a role, what their roles were at home and at school or in other environments. They also discussed what a responsibility is, why people have different responsibilities and how they were the same or different.



They were excited and practiced asking questions of employees at Mariano’s before they left. Teachers facilitated inquiry throughout the store, i.e. where to find certain items.

Exploring the Fresh Produce

I also talked to the man putting out fresh apples about why his job is important.

Exploring the Fresh Fruit

It is important because we need to eat fresh fruit to stay healthy.


The Tools

iPad – apps such as notability or keynote were used to take notes and photograph the exhibit.


The Takeaways

Students understood that people at Mariano’s Grocery had many jobs and responsibilities and that even working in one place there were many different roles needed to make the grocery store function. They also learned about how the store was set up in departments and gathered ideas about what to bring to their picnic.

Condimentum Malesuada Porta Purus

What's Next?

Take Action In The Community

Students then planned their classroom picnic. Each student accepted their responsibility for the picnic. Students debriefed their visit by talking about and drawing about their experiences.

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