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Camp GEMS is the perfect way to keep minds and bodies active over the summer. We always use what we have learned each summer to improve our camp offering and operations.

Camp GEMS Summer 2020 Online

GWA will be extending online summer camp classes for grades 6 to 12 that run July 13th through August 7th. A variety of engaging and exciting summer camp classes will be offered by the GWA Faculty.

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The intention of summer book club is to share our love for reading, discuss our experiences, and learn new perspectives in a fun and open environment. Students will practice having meaningful and thoughtful conversations regarding diversity, empathy, hardships, and difficult experiences middle school students may experience as they read each book and learn about the lives of the characters. Book club will help to foster a lifelong interest and appreciation for reading and learning!

Instructor: Lisa Walsh
Grade 6-8: Mon 10 to 11 am (Last Monday class (Aug 3rd) will be held on Friday, July 31st)
Total 4 classes in the program

Golden-Age Hollywood, pre-code, neorealism, New Wave, Parallel Cinema-- the movies of other times and places hold a richness and depth that cannot be found in contemporary mainstream film. This club will meet weekly to watch and discuss old movies, using them as jumping-off points for conversations about the art of filmmaking, narrative & character, and the history of our culture. Movies will be selected by group decision from lists of options created by Mr. Bean.

Instructor: Max Bean
Grade 9-12: Mon - 3 to 4pm
Total 4 classes in the program

Reading and writing fiction: read short stories and novel excerpts by great writers; practice techniques and fiction-writing exercises; read and discuss each others work.

Instructor: Max Bean
Grade 9-12: Wed 3 to 4 pm
Total 4 classes in the program


Audition, rehearse and perform in your own production - all without leaving your own home! Students who enroll in this class will audition for a role in a one-act Zoom play. Classes will include rehearsals, character work, costume design, and the taping/editing of our show to share online. Students need to be willing to get silly and take risks!

Instructor: Jessica Lind
Grade 6-8: Tue & Thu 11 to 12 pm
Total 8 classes in the program

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